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Sort games in the list

Post by Zorlon »

I did do a quick search and found nothing.

It has been a long time since I looked at the Scummvm in general but thought I might go and check out what is new and there are a number of my olde games that are now supported that I could no longer play.

Anyway back on subject the first couple of CD's I have made are a little jumbled in the order that the games are in/ not the order that the ini has.

EDIT:- I have been testing in NullDC and have yet to burn anything, though yes the plan is to burn and play on one of my Dreamcasts, still play on a few of my older collections.

EDIT2:- I also had tested with an ini like
description=Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2
description=Return to Zork

and so on like that up to 13 games on that particutar cd

EDIT3:- Fixed....
[11], [10] ,[13] ,[12] ,[1] ,[3] ,[2] ,[5] ,[4] ,[7], [6], [9], [8]

see the way it goes?? a little messy in the ini but great on screen

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