help on programming scummvm

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help on programming scummvm

Post by dxmax »

hello, I am translating it with google translator

I wanted to ask a question about ScummVM. long ago that I use it on my N95 and it is a great program.

recently started to program for Symbian and wanted to ask a question

I just want to make a file browser. with mouse support. and the scummvm program can scan system files and uses symbian mouse support

my question was if I could pass something to help me create this little program for s60v3. whether information from that program hiso the port to symbian. or some little thing would greatly appreciate it because I have little experience but willing to learn (I am currently trying to use the qt. but I have no idea how to create a graphical interface, much less make it work with a bluetooth mouse)

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Post by Anotherguest »

Hi! I'm using the mouse support from QUake 1,2,3 for Symbian. The libs and header files can be found at Hinkas homepage which is here:

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