Monkey Island 1: Save game with Nokia C7

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Monkey Island 1: Save game with Nokia C7

Post by PocketPirate »

Hey Guys,

i have got a new Nokia C7 and i never used ScummVM before so i am a total newbie.

I found the app


and got it installed on the C7. One of my friend has all the old MI games already as scrummVM versions (for PC), so a had just to copy everthing to my handy and start the program.

Totally awesome, guybrush threepwood is the coolest pirate ever! Sorry Jack *g*

But i am not able to get into the Menue and so i cant save any games. Tried to find something in the "Controls used..." Thread but didnt get what to do with the tough handy C7. Forum-search also didnt get any result for C7.

Has anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot
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Post by PocketPirate »

ok. playing around for some while let me realize that there is a menue at the right side of the display.
I can´t see anything (everything is black besides the game-screen) but i managed by tiping blind on the screen to get into the menue and save my game.
Obviously there's something wrong with the game, although the rest is shown and i can play the game ...
... i remember reading something about this display problem while searching ... but i can´t find it again.

Is Anybody knowing what am talking about? :roll:
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Post by daaceking »

i don't know if the c7 is s60v3 or v5 but if it is then go to the downloads page and download the latest 1.2.0 build and try that
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You wrong on both counts mate :)

You are running symbian^3 and it seem to have a problem with the on screen keyboard part at the moment. I have a nokia N8 and i have the same prob
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Post by Anotherguest »

Yes there are some strange drawing issues with Symbian^3, must be some issue with with the screen handling. (of course)
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