playing few games and getting same problem

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playing few games and getting same problem

Post by sieg89 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:00 pm

Hi! i'm new at forum, but i read this forum over years ago (probably 7?) well, now i've got an Android smart mobile, Nexus One, I've installed the APP Scummvm 2.X and the game plugins.

I used to play Course of monkey island, Broken Sword and other games. the problemes i'm getting all time is that. in nexus one, i don't have more physic buttons than: Vol.+, Vol-. Search, Photo, accept, cancel, Home and on off. and with anything i can't do the "Second function Mouse" i mean the button to open the Trunk...

any plugin or option to re-fix that?

i find the function to open QWERTY and push TAB.. but is slow

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