add kings quest V - scummvm crashes

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add kings quest V - scummvm crashes

Post by Talantyyr » Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:55 pm

Add Kings Quest V (direct copy from CD) and scummvm will crash
assertion "isValidDomainName(domName" failed file "../../src-trunk/src/common/config-manager.cpp" line 558, function: void Common::ConfigManager::addGameDomain (const Common::STring&)
Abort called.
ScummVM exited abnormally (-127)

This Games working on Win Version...

Addable and working SCI Games:
Kings Quest VI and VII
Space Quest IV / V / VI

These are all games i found on the attic today :D

Edit: Okay, not perfectly working... I've pressed the home button in KingsQuest 6 and got an debugger console? :(

Version: 1.2.0svn52432 Wii

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