questions about FotAQ and others for android

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questions about FotAQ and others for android

Post by anione » Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:53 pm

Hi, today i installed scummvm for android G1 and installed a few games, drascula, lure and fotaq.

Drascula and lure work, but i can't interact and i think i've tried everything by now, even holding search while touchselecting. (Thanx to another post i realised i was doing it wrong...)

Fotaq i've downloaded the original game + the extra file and put them in a queen folder. The main dl (over 80m) is called queen.1 and the extra file (1m) is called queen. I've directed scumm to the correct folder but it can't find the gamedata.

What am i doing wrong? I have plugin installed.

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