Discworld 1 Playstation needed files.

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Discworld 1 Playstation needed files.

Post by Who'sThere »

Hi there. On the wiki datafiles page, I noticed that the PSX version of Discworld isn't listed. Is there a required datafiles list for it somewhere?

I've already extracted the disc contents to my HD, and it works fine. But I'm hoping to trim the directory down to save HD space.
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Post by hkzlab »

yeah it looks like i forgot to update the datafiles page.
There is not much you can trim, GFX and SAMPLES directories are needed, also subtitle files like english.txt, italian.txt, etc.
You could remove MIDI directory, because it's not currently used (but that's just because we still don't support that format).
You can also remove *.tim files and the psx executable (something like sces_numberhere).
You won't gain much space anyway :/
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