No Sound when someone calls & Cursor issues

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No Sound when someone calls & Cursor issues

Post by Jacomo » Thu May 07, 2009 6:35 am

Hi there!

I installed ScummVM a couple of days ago and I'm pretty happy with it, all games I tried semm to work perfect, but I think I found a bug with ScummVM.

It happens like this:

I play a game (it happended with Simon1 and Goblins3, didn't play any other game long enough)
Someone calls me
I answer the call
I hang up & return to the game
After this I can't hear any Sound anymore. No music, no effects, no speech.

I have to shut down ScummVM and start it again, then everything works again.

And I also noticed when I move too far to the right (so I can't see it anymore) with the cursor and I leftklick then nothing happens, i have to move the cursor a bit to the left so I can see it again, then it works of course.

I'm using ScummVM 0.13.1 (Apr. 23 2009, 19:26:44)

A Bugfix would be nice ;)

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