A little help......

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A little help......

Post by simon_1890 » Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:20 pm

Hi guys,

I need a little help.
I've installed the homebrew channel, installed scummvm, got games on that are working fine but....when i try and exit the homebrew channel the wii seems to die and go to a black screen and do nothing, wii remotes won't connect. The only way to sort it is to pull the power.

Any ideas what's up?

System info:
Wii System Ver 3.4E
Homebrew channel version 1.0.1 IOS36 v12.18
ScummVM Version 0.13.0


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Post by Red_Breast » Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:27 pm

What has ScummVM got to do with exiting the HBC?
What do you mean by die? Do you mean the Wii crashes/freezes?
That shouldn't happen. In the HBC where you browse your apps you press Home on the Wiimote, select Exit and it should return to the Wii Channels menu.
So something's wrong with HBC exiting. Maybe reinstall although that might depend on what version your System Update is on.
Next time your Wii freezes/crashes try holding the Power button in for at least 5 seconds. I believe that's the time it takes. I've had freezes before and it's the 'recommended' method for powering down the Wii.

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