Reporting MD5s for unknown versions of games

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Reporting MD5s for unknown versions of games

Post by md5 » Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:27 pm

ScummVM supports a multitude of different versions of each game , each version released on a different medium (floppy/CD) and in a different language (English, German, French, Spanish etc).

We usually try and keep track of all the different versions that exist out there, but there might be some we don't know about or don't have. If you do encounter a version of a supported game that is not recognized by ScummVM, please follow the guidelines in our wiki on how to submit your game's MD5 checksum*: ... _checksums

It would be best if you used our bug tracker for this, as posts in the forum might not be noticed by the developers of your game's engine, or might be forgotten (e.g. if there are issues preventing your specific game version from being supported).


* In short, an algorithm which enables us to quickly distinguish files with the same name. For more information, check here