Curse of Monkey Island

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Curse of Monkey Island

Post by hyperslug » Tue Dec 20, 2005 7:39 pm

(to the creator)
Hey 1st i just wanna say THANK YOU for a wonderfull job. i spend entire last night playing the secret of monkey island on my ps2 and i loved it.

a few questions

1. is Curse of monkey island curretly supported at some stage meaning can i load the game?
2. will it ever be perfect?
3. Are you god?

well hope you answer my questions, and thanks again

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Post by lavosspawn » Wed Dec 21, 2005 12:26 am

Thanks, I'm glad you like our hard work. :)

1. Yes, you can start Curse of Monkey Island and it will run, however if you play it from cd/dvd it'll crash sooner of later.

2. It does run basically perfectly from HDD. (only issue seems to be some problems when playing with Gamepad instead of usb mouse)
I don't know if it'll ever work perfectly from cd/dvd. The crashes can be fixed, I guess (even though it's a little complicated), but I think it'll always have quite annoying loading times. After all, the game was never meant to be run entirely from CD, it'd always install stuff to the HDD (when being played normally on a PC)

3. Nah, but I'm working on it.

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cpt. wesker
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Post by cpt. wesker » Thu Dec 22, 2005 4:15 pm

has the cannon problem been fixed? everything works perfectly on my cd/dvd version on ps2, till i go to part with the cannon and that fortress, i can't move the cannon after some time has past, i'm using the game controller

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RE: cannon thingy

Post by hyperslug » Thu Dec 22, 2005 10:02 pm

well since youve only played till the cannon part i dont think you can conclude that the game works fine.

About the bug. i found the cannon hard to move too. however after some time (constantly (not sexually) abusing my controller) i was able to shoot the skelektons. but i had to freak out on my controller when i wanted it to move

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Curse of Monkey Island

Post by Antz » Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:19 pm

Hi all
I have Curse of Monkey Island 2 cd set but dont know how to copy it over to the hdd so that I can run it in scumm.
If I run it from the cd it crashes.

I was also looking to run this on my gp2x so is there a tool that can help me to get the to run on anything but my cds, and is there a way round the disk swap later on.

if anyone can help that would be great.



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