Thank you for the Palm Port

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Thank you for the Palm Port

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Dear ScummVM for Palm Team,

I wanted to tell you that I had a wonderfully nostalgic Saturday afternoon yesterday. My girlfriend went away over the weekend, so I finally had time to do this stuff guys usually don't get around to do, while girls are present - e. g. installing and fiddling around with ScummVM.

After reading through the Wiki and especially the very helpful sticky posting in this forum, I dugg out CD-ROMs with Simon the Sorcerer 2, DOTT and Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. It took me a few hours to install them correctly, but they're running smoothly now.

So: thank you guys a lot. Seeing the Lucas Arts Logo, watching the intros on my Treo 680 and move Bernard, Simon and Indy with quick stylus moves over the screen brought a deep nostalgic joy. Please keep up the good work, it is appreciated around the world.

Best regards from Germany,


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