Any devs / porters need Broken Sword 1 & 2?

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Any devs / porters need Broken Sword 1 & 2?

Post by spookypeanut »

I have a spare copy of the dvd double pack of broken sword 1 & 2 (bought it, then also bought the individuals so that I had the smacker files). Comes with ScummVM (0.6.0?) as interpreter, and has mp2 cutscene files (not the smackers). If any devs / porters would like it, then post why you need it here: best reason wins!

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Post by djfernie »

I would love that
Reason: Biggest Broken Sword Fan you'll meet. I had a chance of playing both sleeping dragon and angel of death but i havent played smoking mirror yet, i want to go in order, i have been trying for over 3 years to find this sequel to the shadow of the templars but here in the US u cant find it. Please if you're gonna give anything related to broken sword it should be me, as not only am i a big fan but i need it to satisfy my huge desire to finish all four BS Games in order.


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Post by fingolfin »

Well, but you are no developer or porter, contrary to what spookypeanut asked for.

Anyway, I just did a quick search on, and it was not difficult to find lots of offers. And in addition, I think you can even buy it *new*, too. So, it's nonsense that it's difficult to obtain this game in the US -- or maybe you haven't been trying hard enough (i.e. ignored ebay?) :).

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