Blackberry port?

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Blackberry port?

Post by lycor »

How come a version of scummvm has never been developed for the blackberry? It seems strange that there is a version for other major smartphone platforms but not the blackberry. I've used scummvm with Symbian and Windows mobile and it worked awesome.

I use the Blackberry Pearl right now and I bet the trackball would make an excellent control device for the virtual mouse.
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Re: Blackberry port?

Post by clem »

lycor wrote:How come a version of scummvm has never been developed for the blackberry?
according to wikipedia:
"RIM provides a proprietary multi-tasking operating system (OS) for the BlackBerry"

I guess with Symbian and Windows mobile based systems you have the possibility to run the app on lots of devices with a single port, and they are probably more open to external software development too.

"Earlier BlackBerry models used C++ for software development, but all current models support MDS and universally supported Java " (wikipedia again)

see the discussions of a Java rewrite of ScummVM on the forums - it's just not going to happen :)

unless I'm getting things wrong here the outlook seems to be rather bleak

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Post by Markjupiter »

It means that scummvm is more complicated and advanced than C++ or Java but they can also be used in other Symbian and Windows mobile. Rim does not provide enough statement with regards to this. Hopefully soon, the scummvm can be used in Blackberry.

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