Flight of the Amazon Queen Amiga English

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Flight of the Amazon Queen Amiga English

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Have extracted the files from the discs to hd
Game is recognised but doesnt work

# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 21.11.2005 23:49:42

d054b31000a87a639548df02023a784f *queen
6d56947b95a701a731e1c111ff947df5 *QUEEN.1
b7d56f732cbd60dde78dae5102cf4d1d *queen.10
ef9f671a3cc25b85903494949981b57c *queen.11
d65f3bce397279bf4d18fddbb0d0befb *queen.2
08056fe201c38bbe91422f756765928c *queen.3
1a72262701b0f2ab8e52a8b63c7a8e6f *QUEEN.4
9fb878cfca03ea5e32ab82983fd80b96 *QUEEN.5
5b6786065ea63b523f07433c8d509087 *queen.6
897213dd1d3846473025b85db514754b *QUEEN.7
3d4c4193501c03de2248fdc4c51d9beb *QUEEN.8
be480f2dc2db29e8e1d47fcfab2405a3 *QUEEN.9
727d5ddf6f4857ac0fa7c0ae519e4210 *queen.info

so can you add support for this version ?

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