Using the PS2 Keyboard

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Using the PS2 Keyboard

Post by Hitnrun » Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:27 pm


Using the PS2 keyboard makes it much easier to play the games, I bougth one just to play scummvm!

But the shift, alt and ctrl keys does not seem to work, I tried to enter "(" in a game name on the game selection frontend, but I could only get "9", as if the shift was not pressed.

Is someone using the ps2 keyboard with scummvm?

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ScummVM with Keyboard and Mouse

Post by pioneerman2k1 » Mon Mar 05, 2007 3:37 pm


I have the same problem. Im using an USB Keyboard and my Logitech MX510 on my PS2. I play Half-Life very well, but when my Mouse and Keyboard are plugged in the Cursor of ScummVM scrolls in the lower left.. Is it possible to use Keyboard and Mouse like i did in Half-Life?

Thanks a lot, great work!!

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