Kyrandia Spanish CD version

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Kyrandia Spanish CD version

Post by vinacha »

Hi, There is an Spanish patch for Legend of Kyrandia here:
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The patch translates the dialog but no the texts that are in the exe / kyra.dat. This texts are ALREADY in the kyra.dat for the Spanish Floppy Version of Legend of Kyrandia.

Is it possible that with the new MD5 form the patch, the SCUMMVM engine gets the Spanish texts from the kyra.dat instead Fhe frech or English ones?

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Post by sev »

Sorry, but the form you're distributing it in is unacceptable. You should provide a real patch, not the file replacements. With your approach you're distributing copyrighted material and providing the link here violates our Forum Rule #0.

Ask German translation team for appropriate tools to create acceptable translation patches.

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Post by vinacha »

Ok, sorry. I haven't noticed the patch wasn't a real patch.
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Post by weirdzod »

The forum rule #0 is a f*cking s*it
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Post by clem »

weirdzod wrote:The forum rule #0 is a f*cking s*it
in which regards, if I may ask?

I think sums up the reasons for it quite nicely