Indy 3 (last crusade) and boxing

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Indy 3 (last crusade) and boxing

Post by Scorch_87 »

I was wondering for indy 3(indy and the last crusade) What the keys are for boxing?

thanks for the help
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Post by mtu »

I'm having the same problem. Please advise.
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Post by joostp »

I don't own this game, so it's untested/unsupported in the PSP port.
What keys do you use on the PC for fighting?
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Post by wololo »

As far as I remember it's the numpad...
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Post by Laserschwert »

I still would vote for a way to make the digital pad somewhat customizable. It's too slow to use it for cursor-movement anyway, and the analogue nub is fine for that already.

So either having the 8 directions of the digital pad mapped to the 8 NumPad-directions or having it mapped to custom keys (via the ini file) would be really cool. But of course, this would again need more than just a re-compile.
Indiana Bones
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Post by Indiana Bones »

Any chance of getting this fixed, I looked all over the forum and they talk of fixing it but no ones done anything to fix the problem... :cry:
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