Sam and Max unrecoverable error

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Sam and Max unrecoverable error

Post by fu-raz »

Hey all,

I've been browsing around the forum and I haven't come across this error on Sam and Max. I have seen other games producing errors like this in the 0.9 pre release. I'm using the PocketPC 0.9.0 version.

This Sam and Max is an MP3 encoded one. It shows me the LucasArts logo and then craps out with an "Unrecoverable error".

Here's the log

Code: Select all

Exception Access Violation Flags 00000000 Address 00044954
Parameter 0 00000000
Parameter 1 16000008
Context dump
R0=00804bf0 R1=00426bf0 R2=00000002 R3=00000000 R4=00000001
R5=00000000 R6=ffffffff R7=0062d710 R8=00804bf0 R9=00426bf0
R10=ffffffff R11=163ff97c R12=cf88658b
Sp=163ff924 Lr=00044958 Pc=00044954 Psr=2000001f
Memory dump at 00044922
87 e5 28 30 87 e5 0c 90 
87 e5 10 40 c7 e5 11 50 
c7 e5 18 60 87 e5 2c 80 
87 e5 18 00 00 0a 00 00 
58 e3 11 00 00 0a 00 30 
98 e5 08 00 a0 e1 0f e0 
a0 e1 08 f0 93 e5 2c 20 
97 e5 0c 40 99 e5 00 50 
a0 e1 00 30 92 e5 02 00 
a0 e1 0f e0 a0 e1 14 f0 
93 e5 20 30 dd e5 05 20 
a0 e1 04 10 a0 e1 44 0a 
00 eb 28 00 
Is there anything I can do? Does it have to do with the MP3 encoding? Thanks in advance,

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Post by fu-raz »

Looks like elmuerte had the same problem with Indy4. I converted the monster.sou file to FLAC and now everything works perfectly. I think there's a problem with the MP3 thingies in the ScummVM port to the PocketPC.
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Post by knakos »

The crash is indeed inside the mp3 decoding lib, but the issue is more complex. It is under investigation, thank you for reporting.
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Post by NLS »

same happens to me - and also for another game I don't remember which... I'll get back to you later with more info

0.9.0 looks nicer but is less stable than 0.8.X
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Post by Artemiy »

I use monster.so3 in Full Throttle and the game still gives me the same error. Either somewhere in the videos or in the game itself (in the same places), well, I can't exit the first location (garbage), the game crashes long before I try... But after I kick out the bin's top and jump out.
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