Possiblity of Escape from Monkey Island on PSP?

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Possiblity of Escape from Monkey Island on PSP?

Post by RJT »

Yes, i know that Escape from Monkey Island uses a completely different game engine from Scumm, but it is possible to get the game onto the PSP with any other tools or applications? I would love to complete my memory stick by having ALL the MI games on there.

This is probably off-topic so sorry, but i would love to know.
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Post by p »

Not unless Lucasarts release the source code (not going to happen), or someone creates an amazingly good Windows 98 emulator for the PSP.

Stick to the PC version for now. But one day a handheld will be able to run Win98.
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Post by sev »

Well, residual subproject of ScummVM could run EMI if some time invested. The problem is that devs who are working on it aren't interested in this game and moreover, no much activity was performed there at all recently.

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