15khz output

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15khz output

Post by Napalmtree »

Is there anyway to add 15khz output or would it have to be done on whatever system scummvm is running on?

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Re: 15khz output

Post by criezy »

I don't know if this is what you want, but there is a config parameter for the audio output sampling rate in scummvm. See our User Manual. However as noted there, trying to use something that is not a multiple of 11025 Hz may not work as expected.

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Re: 15khz output

Post by Raziel »

Funny, i thought he was talking about 15kHz video output, as in the old crt monitors (amiga used 15kHz monitors back in the day, iirc)

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Re: 15khz output

Post by vanfanel »

I understand the OP is talking about 15Khz video modes.
As things are, yes, it depends on the system. ScummVM does not (and should NOT) try to change the system video mode, that makes no sense in modern displays.

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