The Dig: Music tracks overlapping

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The Dig: Music tracks overlapping

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I've just bought The Dig not long ago, being one of my all-time favorites back in the day watching my father play it. I got around to trying the game recently within ScummVM 2.1.1 for Windows and I've come across some issues that haven't been resolved yet.

I found an old post by a user from 2 years with the same exact issues that I have noticed. Also including, the scene as you pass through the tunnel into the asteroid (the cutscene plays). Once it has finished playing the scene and cuts to in-game, the music tracks overlap each other without fading in and out of each other. These mixing problems don't exist in any other environment it's being played on. So does the IMuse engine (that is mention, if it's that) problem the culprit?

Here is the original post from the user back in 2018 explaining the situation: Possible oddities with The Dig music

I've tried to do the suggestion that Digitall (ScummVM Dev) gave of trying dev builds of SVM. The issues still exist. I've tried searching (as suggested) for the older builds of SVM, but I can't find the older builds anywhere to be able to narrow down where this issue first started. Can any one help me with finding the older builds? I've searched the bug tracker webpage to no avail of it being logged.

I'd certainly liked to get this issue of the overlapping musical tracks fixed. Let me know how I can help. Thanks!

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