AmigaOS4 port of ScummVM 2.1.0 in action

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AmigaOS4 port of ScummVM 2.1.0 in action

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Hi all!

As probably some of main ScummVM developers aware, Raziel does handle AmigaOS4 port of ScummVM, and so lately I was checking 2.1.0 version on X5000 (some AmigaOne computer with 2ghz PPC CPU), and made a little video in which probably some of you may be in interest where I show some more or less "greedy" games of late:

Neverhood (1996)
Phantasmagoria 2 (1996)
Riven: The Sequel to Myst (1997)
Blade Runner (1997)
The Prince and the Coward (1998)

There is a video (14 minutes):

There is everything 1920x1080, and when I run fullscreen I use 3x scaling algos so they fit exactly to 1920x1080 too.

Thanks to the ScummVM team and to Raziel to keep up2date version for AmigaOS4 as well!

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