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Game issues

Post by maxpayne »

I am using iOS12 on my iPad 2017 and ScummVM 2.1.0.
There are two games I can not play why ever.
First game is „Indiana Jones and fate of atlantis“. After the Indiana Jones Logo, when Indy is coming from the left side, ScummVM is crashing me out to my springboard.
Second game is Freddy Pharkas. Every time when I would like to enter the saloon or the backyard the game is also crashing but with an error code (see the picture).

Is it possible to resolve that?


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Re: Game issues

Post by criezy »

I don't have Freddy Pharkas, but I just tried my Steam copy of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on my iPad (with iOS 12) and it works properly for me (I don't have the crash you describe). Maybe there is something wrong with your data files. I would suggest to try to copy the game again to your iPad from the original source (e.g. original CD, Steam).

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