ScummVM (iOS11+) ipa + Cydia repo

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Weedy Weed Smoker
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ScummVM (iOS11+) ipa + Cydia repo

Post by Weedy Weed Smoker »

I just created a website dedicated to emulators for iOS 11 and up here !

And as a proper repo for ScummVM and other emulators seem to have long been missing, I decided to take on the task to create and maintain one specially for iOS 11 and up

You can add my repo by adding this source to Cydia :

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Re: ScummVM (iOS11+) ipa + Cydia repo

Post by phunimator »

Hey there,

Can you confirm if the ScummVM 2.1.0 you've put together works on IOS 12 or 13? Thanks in advance!

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Re: ScummVM (iOS11+) ipa + Cydia repo

Post by Gimlao »

Merci ! Thanks a lot for that IPA file, I can finally play Humongous games on iOS. ^^;;;

Also, I just noticed this about the iOS port in the News :

• Added three-fingers swipe gestures to simulate arrow keys.
• Added pinch in and out gestures to show and hide the keyboard.
• Added scrollable accessory bar above the keyboard with keys not present on the keyboard.

So now I really want to test all of this. x)

Will you update the IPA file, some time soon ? =p

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Re: ScummVM (iOS11+) ipa + Cydia repo

Post by p1r473 »

Yes, I believe this build is out of date!
Please update!

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