Beyond a Steel Sky

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Beyond a Steel Sky

Post by monkeymadness »

Hey everyone,

It appears that no one has posted about this game and I'm sure there are a few fans that come on this site that would be interested to hear about this. Looks like a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky is in the works. They are calling it Beyond a Steel Sky. I'm sure there are mixed feelings about the game, but still some pretty big news I would say. ... edemption/
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Re: Beyond a Steel Sky

Post by Reckless »

Mixed feelings as in a 3D modelled thin veneer of an adventure games on a closed platfom... what could be seen as a problem :/

I'm sure those hoping for a sequel were more thinking along the lines of BS5.
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Re: Beyond a Steel Sky

Post by Graxer »

Reckless wrote: Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:00 pm on a closed platfom
Although it has only been announced for Apple's service so far, they did say they will announce other platforms later (including the PC).
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Re: Beyond a Steel Sky

Post by criezy »

They have actually already announced that it will be available on PC: wrote:We are very proud that Beyond a Steel Sky was announced as a lead title for Apple Arcade in March and are hugely excited to be partnering with Apple to bring a console quality game to mobile Apple devices. The game will release concurrently on PC with other formats to be announced.
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