Arthur's Camping Adventure on ScummVM?

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Arthur's Camping Adventure on ScummVM?

Post by videogamefan »

Hi, Can Anyone @ ScummVM Make “Arthur's Camping Adventure” Playable On ScummVM?

Information Of The Game:
Game Title: Arthur's Camping Adventure
Year: 2000
Game Publisher: The Learning Company
OS: Windows 2000

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Re: Arthur's Camping Adventure on ScummVM?

Post by Raziel »

You do understand how ScummVM works, don't you?

It's not a matter of writing some lines for a configuration script or adapting something in the code.
If a game is going to be supported there has to be a whole new engine written for it, maybe even REing the original exe.

As long as you can't provide the source code for the game or there is a huge demand AND willing developers, there is a slim chance the game in question never gets supported.

Just so you know...i also have numerous games on my wishlist :-)
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