Win10 Multiple MIDI options / Roland MT-32 over USB

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Win10 Multiple MIDI options / Roland MT-32 over USB

Post by visualnoiz » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:35 am

I can get my real Roland MT-32 to work using the GUI, but I bought LSL collection on Steam so i'd like a one-click start for the game.

In DOSBOX I can config the midi to device 1 in OSX or Win showing what its using with the mixer /listmidi

in the GUI for ScummVM I can choose my Avid Fast Track C400 and it has a 2- in front of the name, so i assume the 1 is the normal windows MIDI and my USB interface is on 2.

doesn't seem to be a config flag i can use to switch when loading from command line or the RUN file in the steam app folder .
i tried to install the MIDI mapper program mentioned elsewhere but it wouldn't launch on my HP Spectre 360x Win 10 machine so i can't switch default midi input that way

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