is RetroArch officially supported for wii U ?

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is RetroArch officially supported for wii U ?

Post by Bowen747x »

I was able to run ScummVM through RetroArch on Wii U but frame rates dropped during certain cutscenes. I was wondering if the ScummVM "core" for RetroArch is something that can be updated, or is that all up to RetroArch?
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Post by digitall »

What cutscenes of what game? ScummVM has a large number of game engines internally and knowing this may help if this occurs with "Vanilla" ScummVM i.e. standard release binaries.

Also, what version of ScummVM is being shown, since current stable release is v2.0.0

But yes, you are generally correct i.e. the ScummVM core for RetroArch will likely have several modification and patches so performance issues (unless you can replicate them with our standard releases) should be addressed to the RetroArch team to investigate.
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