Backyard Soccer issue

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Backyard Soccer issue

Post by stavedark »

Hey guys,

Just started up playing Backyard Soccer again and the application is crashing (scumm stops responding, then Windows shoots an error message) after I score a goal I would say about 80% of the time (making it impossible to finish even a single game). Ive read through the forums and seen some talk of sound and memory errors after scoring a goal, but its not clear if those errors caused crashes or not. Looks like there was a post on the bugtracking page about a similar issue to mine 4 years ago that went unanswered as well. I have tried ScummVM 2.0 and 1.8, had the same thing happen with both. Also tried getting another copy of the game and still same issue.

Is this game crashing a known issue for Backyard Soccer?

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Post by Raziel »

Backyard Soccer is not in the list of supported games, so i think it might not be supported at all.
The fact that it starts is because it shares some of the code with other Backyard sports games, but i's not tested and not finished.

I remember playing a demo on an earlier version of ScummVM, but ditched it soon after due to many bugs.

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