Recent PSP dev version with aspect option and smooth pointer

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Recent PSP dev version with aspect option and smooth pointer

Post by rsn8887 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:10 pm

This is a working build of ScummVM for the PSP based on 2.1.0git development source from 2017-01-05.



This is for anyone who wants to test out the latest development version of ScummVM PSP until the ScummVM buildbot is switched over to the new Docker-based buildbot system and official PSP daily builds start working again.

Recent PSP-related changes (newest first):
  • fixed cursor jumps in x/y coordinates, fixed new smooth cursor speed to it is now the same as it was for the old, jerky cursor (can be adjusted in "Controls" tab).
  • Implemented smooth mouse cursor motion and control options where one can change mouse cursor speed and joystick deadzone settings.
  • Add new graphics mode "Fit to Screen." This mode replaces the "4:3 Aspect Ratio" and "Keep Aspect Ratio" modes. The new "Fit to Screen" mode makes proper use of the "Aspect Ratio Correction" checkbox setting. If the checkbox is set, the aspect ratio will be forced to 4:3, useful for games like Full Throttle. If the checkbox is not set, the aspect ratio will be the original game aspect ratio, useful for games like Dreamweb.
  • Add new graphics mode "4:3 Aspect Ratio" (dam-soft, digitall, rsn8887)
    Now the user has the choice between the old graphics mode "Keep Aspect Ratio," good for 16:10 games like Dreamweb, and a new mode "4:3 Aspect Ratio," good for 4:3 games like Full Throttle.

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Post by zimzeleni » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:02 pm

I cant add any games with 2.1 versions on my PSP-1000, running 5.50.

It freezes then shutdowns. Adding game works on 2.0 and besides that issue it runs fine, playing it for couple of days now

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