Monkey Island Special Editions on iOS - Still playable?

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Monkey Island Special Editions on iOS - Still playable?

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I bought Monkey Island SE and Monkey Island 2 SE for iOS when they were released.
I know Disney retired support in 2014(Why can't they simply admit they didn't earn enough money with it and have to state that it was a difficult decision instead which is hardly believable?) and both apps were removed from the appstore in 2015.
Some pages claim that these apps can still be downloaded in the purchases section of the appstore if you already bought them, but I can't find them there. Furthermore these apps are still 32bit and wont run on the upcoming iOS 11.
So what can be done? My initial plan was to reactivate an old iPad 1 with iOS 5.1.1 for the games, but if they are not available any longer this won't help.
Can I ask apple or disney to refund the games? Surely not beacause they are no longer supported, but because I bought them and they deleted them from the store?
Thanks for any help and advices!
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