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Two Questions

Post by rorysl » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:25 pm

Two quick questions that I haven't been able to find answers to.

1) How do I enable MT-32 support in the Wii port of ScummVM? I'm unsure where to put the MT-32 Roms... For the record, I own a MT-32.

2) Is there a way to exit a game to the main ScummVM game list screen, rather than exiting back to the Wii menu and having to relaunch ScummVM?

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Post by digitall » Fri May 05, 2017 11:34 pm

As the Wii port has not had a stable release since v1.5.0, I recommend downloading the latest autobuilt stable (v1.9.0 release branch) or development (v1.10.0git) build from:

1. This should be the same as any other port i.e. you place the MT32_*.ROM files in the same directory as the executables and make sure to set the Extra Path to point at this directory. You will also need to change the Music and MT-32 tabs settings to enable this. See: ... #Paths_tab

2. By holding the Up on the Wiimote directional page and pressing the "Home/Start" button during a game, this will bring up the GMM (Global Main Menu). If the game engine supports Return to Launcher (RTL), then this option is available there: ... 29_support ... s.cpp#L336

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