What is the default save path...?

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What is the default save path...?

Post by Kumar »

So, SCUMMVM automatically updated on me a few days back.
When I finally opened it, my games were still there, but my old saves had seeming disappeared.
I moved SCUMMVM to my SD card.
Then, I actually found my old saves in the ScummVM folder on the phone's main storage.

The question is: Where should I move them?

Because I opened up Maniac Mansion again (now with no saves), played for a bit, then saved it (the new save worked), but could not find the new save anywhere.

Also, I tried to change the default save path, so that the new save file would be somewhere easy to find.
However, when I did that and then tried to save, SCUMMVM crashed!

So, only the default save path is working for me, and I'd like to move my old saves there, but I don't know where that is since the new save files don't appear anywhere.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance!!


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Post by Lubomyr »

default save path for new version is


if you want to use saves from old version via menu set save path to storage//sdcard0/scummvm/Saves

Tested and working for me.

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