Digital iMUSE and COMI question

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Digital iMUSE and COMI question

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Hi! I didn't know where to post this kinda technical but random question, so I figured the junkyard could be the right place:

I'm "studying" the way ScummVM handles Digital iMUSE and in particular how it handles fades between music tracks (like when you switch from the hold room to the cannon window room in Part 1).

From what I understood, those are handled this way: the new track is played right away and the old one is stopped; but before the old one is stopped an exact copy of the track is loaded on one of the free track slots (also starting at the "hook" point), and THAT is the one being faded out, right? (Or at least this is what I understood by tampering with CmiStateTable or what was its name and setting an higher fadeout time)

Now to the real question: the original exe behaves differently since it also supports fade in of the new track replacing the old one; why did you choose to handle it like this? Is that a SDL limitation, or something?

(Please be nice, I come in peace, I'm just curious really :lol: )
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