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ScummVM Wii U (vWii) Forwarder Channel

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A quick modification of Mr_Nick666's forwarder channel for use on the Wii U (vWii).
I simply used ShowMiiWads to replace the file inside the WAD with the vWii compatible version and changed the title ID from SCUM to ECUM so that the vWii loads ScummVM in the proper 4:3 Aspect Ratio. This way your games can be played the way they were designed (All the games I own were designed for 4:3 at least).

ScummVM Forwarder Channel vWii - Hosted on Google Drive

I take zero credit for this. Credit goes to Mr_Nick666 for his original Forwarder, and to FIX94 for the legwork that allows Forwarders to exist on the vWii. I just put two and two together.

Links to both of the posts that made this possible:

Mr_Nick666's Original Forwader - Usage instructions can be found here also.
FIX94's original GBAtemp post about Wii U (vWii) Forwarders
ShowMiiWads - The program used to make this

Hopefully someone will find this useful. I made an account to post this only because I couldn't find a ScummVM vWii Forwarder anywhere else haha

Edit Protip:
To get rid of the black borders surrounding all sides of your games, add the following to the [scummvm] section of your scummvm.ini file. That file is located in SD:/Apps/ScummVM/

Code: Select all

If these lines already exist in your scummvm.ini file, simply change the values to zero.
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Post by Scrum_vm »

Hi, I've got a wii u with custom firmware, is it possible to use Scumm VM from the XMB? I dont have a Wii remote so not sure if Scumm Vm is supported by the Wii U gamepad...I cant find any instructions for installing on Wii U, if anyone could help me out that would be grand.
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