No MIDI Music on Mac? Total Mac Newb.

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No MIDI Music on Mac? Total Mac Newb.

Post by HappehLemons »

Hello! I recently installed ScummVM on my Macbook Air and I am a little confused on how to get the sound options to work. It seems like the only sound option that works for me is adlib.

Is there any way to play audio similar to how in ScummVM you would select "Windows MIDI". When I select CoreAudio or CoreMidi on my macbook air I get no sound at all. I tried searching but I was getting a little confused on if this is meant for devices outside of the computer or something like that.

In a nutshell, is there any way I can play sound similar to "Windows MIDI" on my Mac? As of now I don't know how to even enable music beyond Adlib, but my goal would to be the former.

Thanks for any help!
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Post by digitall »

Please check the README: ... ADME#L1691

This can be tricky to setup and highly platform dependent. We recommend the MIDI output via Adlib Emulator for most users as a good basic default.

See: ... figuration
and ... _Selection
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