Night Dive Studios games on Humble Bundle

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Night Dive Studios games on Humble Bundle

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Humble Bundle is selling sone good adventure & RPG games.
there's I have no Mouth..., 7th guest, 11th Hour. There's also some RPG games that they included.

There's 2 downsides. First the pricing structure is tiered & most unfortunately these are Steam keys only. I have no Mouth & 7th Gueest and some of the other games support Steam on Linux & Mac at least. I have no idea about their Scummvm compatability.
I've never played any of these. I hear IHNM is quite difficult. I do like the story it's based on so I'm excited.
BTW, I have nothing to do with Humble Bundle, or anyone. I just like sharing cheap games.
edit: 7th guest and IHNM both use Scummvm.
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