Maniac Mansion, DOTT style! (Night of the Meteor)

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Maniac Mansion, DOTT style! (Night of the Meteor)

Post by md5 »

I just found out about this little gem...

Some fans are creating a version of Maniac Mansion completely redesigned with cartoonish graphics like the game's successor, Day of the Tentacle. The game will be called "Night of the Meteor", and you can find more about it here:

Here's a trailer, showing a first glimpse of the game:

Note that it's still work in progress, but the first results look really impressive :)

Also, another tidbit: the fangame is written using AGS
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Post by somaen »

Looks awesome.

I'm a bit worried about the amount of asset reuse from DOTT though, I heard both sound-samples, and saw complete pieces of DOTT-gameart in there.
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