This is aggravating (Full Throttle)

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This is aggravating (Full Throttle)

Post by names_are_useless »

So I was ecstatic to find ScummVM for my HP Touchpad (considering the very limited app store available). So I got some Scumm games for my nice long holiday road trip.

I was so happy to have the time to finally play Full Throttle (a game I've put off for far too long). Unfortunately I get to the first motorcycle fight ... And I'm completely stuck. I have tried to learn the controls (single click = left click, double clicks = right click) and it has not helped. The time it takes to double click the other biker to pull off one attack has already hit me twice (and sometimes the right clicks don't always register!) and I lose in a matter of seconds. Yeah, I'm pretty bad at these fight sequences in old Adventure games ...

So I later learned that I could skip these fight sequendes by doing a "Shift+V". I know how to bring up the keyboard ... But there is no actual "shift" key. There is a key with an up arrow, which allows capital letters, but apparently the capital V I click doesnt register this as a "Shift+V" in ScummVM.

Perhaps I'm just dumb and I'm doing something wrong? Is there any way to skip these sequences at all (aside from having to get a Bluetooth keyboard to do a "Shift+V" which I dont have access to anytime soon)? I looked to see if there was any way to simulate "Shift", but I can't find anything.

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Post by digitall »

I am not a WebOS porter or user, but I assume you have checked the notes here:

I suspect this is another annoying issue with mapping keyboard and mouse controlled games onto a Touchscreeen interface! :)

The WebOS port uses the backend keymapper framework, so you should be able via the Menu to define a mapping in "Remap Keys" to map a button to Shift+V... though I don't have a WebOS device so can't check this out directly.

The WebOS porter (kayahr) may be able to help, but is probably busy IRL as he hasn't been active recently.

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