Adventure games - wishes

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Adventure games - wishes

Post by Seldon »

Now, that Tim Schafer is going to make a new game according to wish of adventure-fans (2,5 mln $ wish), it seems that anything is possible. I'd like to know what are your wishes? Maybe some of them are going to come true?

Mine is that Lori Cole makes a new installment of Quest for Glory series using engine and mechanics of Knights of the Old Republic.
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Post by dag »

I suppose my biggest wish would be to see the completion of all the cancelled gems, that sadly probably will never see the light of day. Full Throttle: Payback, Sam and Max 2, Toonstruck 2, a Vampire Story 2 are some that comes to mind.

Also, a new Monkey Island game, with gorgeous 2D handpainted graphics, Dominic Armato etc.. would bring undescribable joy to my life. I don't think that 3d graphics in adventure games will ever sit well with me, and I theorize that the conversion to 3d graphics in adventure games was what initiated the genres downfall. I've seen many more people insist on having their adventure games graphics hand-painted rather than pre-rendered. Playing games like Monkey Island 4 or Tales of MI, or the Sam and Max episodic series, or even Grim Fandango only makes me sad, because i can't stop myself from thinking about how incredibly fantastic those games would be, if only they were presented in handpainted graphics...

Infact, now that i think of it, my biggest wish for the future of adventure games is that they all come in beautiful 2D handpainted graphics. I mean, can anyone really argue that MI4 looks better than MI3? I suppose it's a matter of opinion, but i sometimes let my passion for this great genre of games get the better of me when i see a perfect game ruined by silly 3D graphics.
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Post by tsoliman »

My (probably naive) theory about the downfall is related to game costs and catering to mainstream. The golden age of adventure games was when computers were not mainstream like they are today. Also game development budgets and expected sales were not the same as they are today.
Arguably it was always a niche market, it was just that computers themselves were also niche so relatively it was popular. Generally as things become more popular (trying to expand the target audience) they cater to the lowest common denominator of the target audience.

Probably the same thing applies to other niche genres like (non-action) RPGs: EA bought and broke Origin and recently did the same to Bioware.

(Semi-)Indie developers still exist and still making adventure games (like Telltale) but seem to be one step away from bankruptcy (see LA Noire and Team Bondi)
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