a few questions

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a few questions

Post by daaceking »


the 1.3.0 build. There are 2 sis files. do i need to install them both?

also, i want to play sam and max and monkey island 1/2/3 which version do i use? i couldn't find the readme unless it is in the installed app.

are there plans for 1.3.1?

lastly, has the quiet audio and the distorted audio on the s60v5 (5230) been fixed?

sorry i'm fairly new at this.

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Post by Anotherguest »

For monkey island 3 sound is probably still wrong, but it should be ok for other games, it is only the talkie in Monkey 3 as far as I know that has a problem with sound.

You can install the all version of the sis files , there are three different in the zip file, two parts which is for low mem devices and one which contains all game engines for you with 128 mb ram. (which is all s60v5 devices)

The read me is installed with the sis file in scummvm folder and also you should read the sticky about this on this forums.
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