sev status in scummvm

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sev status in scummvm

Post by yaz0r »

Hey guys. It's not quite uncommon for me to post on this forum, but I would like to get your attention on some point.

As you may notice, I'm always hanging on #scummvm, and even if I don't usualy take part in the conversations, I tend to at last know what is going on in the team.
Now, I've come to notice that at the current time, sev is still considered as a simple coder (no offence to the others) while it seems to me that he is actualy running most aspects of scummvm development.

I know that I'm in no place to give order or anything, but I really feel like we should give him some additional credits for all the efforts and I think he should be raised to co-leader status.

What do you guys thing about it ?

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Post by Ender »

Hi Yaz,

The forum isn't really the right place to post about this, scummvm-devel is still used more for this kind of discussion :)

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