Gabriel Knight SOFT : Windows soundtrack on PSP ?

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Gabriel Knight SOFT : Windows soundtrack on PSP ?

Post by Pedrof »

I've just installed ScummVM on my PSP Go and also added the files from my Windows install of the latest GOG version of Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers (pre-packaged with ScummVM, but I didn't copy these ScummVM files onto the PSP).

I'm amazed at how wonderful it looks on the small screen of the Go. The pixel art looks way better to me than on my computer screen !

I think I understand that GK1 has two soundtracks : a DOS one and a Windows one.

On Windows, I manage to play with the Windows soundtrack by setting up "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth [Windows MIDI]" as GM device and music drive in the ScummVM game options ; if I don't, ScummVM plays the DOS soundtrack. I'm a ScummVM noob so I don't quite understand how this works. I did read the "understanding the audio setting" page in the ScummVM documentation but it's still obscure to me.

On PSP however, I don't have the entry "Microsoft GS Wavetable...". I have a few entries and I've tested them all, but none of them allowed the Windows soundtrack to play in-game.

Now my question is : is there any way to play GK1 on PSP with the beautiful music from the Windows version ?
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Re: Gabriel Knight SOFT : Windows soundtrack on PSP ?

Post by rsn8887 »

I am sorry to say, but the PSP version of ScummVM does not have soft MIDI (Fluidsynth) support, so it can only play the OPL (DOS) version of the soundtrack.
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