Cloud saves on 2.8.1

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Cloud saves on 2.8.1

Post by Jabz »

How do you connect a cloud provider "Googledrive" in 2.8.1? Using the auto mode fails cause it says can't open URL. using manual mode may work but I can't find a way to paste all the JSON code from another device into the box. Im not going to type it all out. Any suggestions?
I tried installing Browser home-brew for a web browser but it won't open any pages complaining about security certs, again its runs in a separate container so not sure how to connect the cloud provider "Googledrive" to the ScummVM instance.
I think in previous versions, the manual mode was just typing in a code which was more simple than this.
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Re: Cloud saves on 2.8.1

Post by rsn8887 »

You have to
1) use a desktop computer
2) save the json code as a text file
3) copy that text file over to your switch.
4) On your Switch, you choose "Manual Mode"
5) Choose "Next"
6) On the screen where it says to paste your json, click the "Load" button.
7) Select your text file. The json text field will now be filled in automatically with the text from the file
8) Continue...

I just tested that this works on my Switch.
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