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Re: EMI PS2 -> PC

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Gannet wrote: Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:17 pm Higher Quality Audio (status: success)
The PS2 videos have 48kHz uncompressed audio tracks, while the PC version has 22kHz bink audio.
This is relatively straight-forward to add to the PC version, though it requires some Windows-exclusive tools:
  1. Demux all the PS2 videos using PSS Demux.
  2. Cut the SMUSH headers out of the PC .m4b videos.
  3. Use RAD Video Tools to mix in the wav files to the corresponding m4b files. I recommend quality = 3.
  4. Add the SMUSH headers back in.
Note: Skip the "sory" video as the PS2 version of this is a few seconds shorter.
This only works in ResidualVM. If you want to do this for the original game you'll need to find a version of the RAD Video Tools that uses the old audio format (I used v1.0 with quality = 2).
I have been able to compile a version of the video files with uncompressed audio compatible with the original executable (or, at least, the GOG version). I haven't tested it thouroughly, but it is working for the first cutscenes of the game and all the videos are playing correctly on VLC. I wasn't able to locate inside the PS2 iso the videos pertaining the opening and closing of the monkey head. I don't know if the reside somewhere else or it's due to those scenes not being pre-rendered on the PS2 version. Anyway, would it be allowed to upload those files in the forum so other people could use them without having to do the full process? Although just a tiny fraction of the game, the videos are copyrighted content after all, and I don't know if that would be considered fair use or not. :?

I have uploaded the files to Mega, but I'll remove the link if that is not allowed: https://mega.nz/file/nqh3VSQB#tl8-TGnEq ... C_MxMPB-6s
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Re: EMI PS2 -> PC

Post by Jon God »

Late to the party, but this is fantastic. I might have weird taste, but EFMI is one of my favorite adventure games, but due to the better control and Monkey Combat guide, the PS2 version is by far easier to play. Having these additions added to the version playable in ScummVM is a dream come true.
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Re: EMI PS2 -> PC

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Gannet wrote: Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:17 pm CUT CUT

Patch file
Download and extract the RVM or PC Dialog+Kombat patch from here.
RVM: Place the datausr.m4b file in your EMI install folder and check the "Load user patch" option in the ResidualVM game settings.
PC: Place the patch.m4b file in your EMI install folder, replacing the existing one. (This patch also includes a bugfix for Guybrush on the raft).

Any comments, corrections or further info are most welcome.

Today i have tryed the "new" patch.m4b on italian version 1.1 installed and played using Dreamm (https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/). There's no work. The games goes in freeze when you try to start a Monkey Kombat.
I don't have idea if i need to restart all games from beginning..........

Do you have some suggestion ? It's need some addictional file to made this work ? or it's work on in eng version of the game?
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Re: EMI PS2 -> PC

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Yesterday i have tryed this UNOFFICIAL 1.2 Version (on "Modifica Pizzellacchere" of Italian Retail version inside Games Setting) after RESTART a NEW GAMES From Beginning this patch works really good.

I can COMPLETE FULL GAMES whit only one crash (just reached Lucre Island in Act I). All that using the "Quick and Easy" Launcher and Setup and NOCD by Skull (need to modify windows registry or you have no audio background in some places).
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