iOS Version 2.8 MM Game Issue

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iOS Version 2.8 MM Game Issue

Post by incog »

I downloaded the current App Store release, and I can’t say how great it is for someone without a jailbreak. I did note however, that the Might and Magic Games are not compatible, I get an error “Could not find any engine capable of running the selected game.”

I see from other sections of the forum that this was a common issue with the 2.8 version on other systems. Is there any countermeasure for this at this time, without jailbreaking? Is an update to the App Store version on the horizon?

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Re: iOS Version 2.8 MM Game Issue

Post by larsman »


Thank you for your supporting words.
Shortly after 2.8.0 was released it was noticed that we missed to get the M&M games to the list of official supported games in the detection system. That was fixed in 2.8.1.
We've tried to submit 2.8.1 to AppStore but it's constantly being rejected. We have a support case with Apple to resolve this but it's going very slow because of low technical understanding at Apple review team.

As a workaround you can now download the retroarch app from AppStore that contains a later version of the ScummVM core :roll:
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