Which games would you like to be supported on the future?

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Re: Which games would you like to be supported on the future?

Post by andrewsc »

andrewsc wrote: Mon Mar 11, 2024 5:02 am I would like to have:

-Dw The Picky Eater (Living Books)
-The Hunchback of Notre Dame Animated Storybook
-101 Dalmatians Animated Storybook
-Hercules Animated Storybook
-Dinosaur Adventure 3D
-Sesame Street Art Workshop
-Madeline Thinking Games Deluxe
-Winnie The Pooh and The Honey Tree Animated Storybook
-Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Too Animated Storybook
-The Lion King Animated Storybook
-Madeline European Adventure
-Madeline and The Magnificent Puppet Show
-Madeline Rainy Day Activities
-Big Action Construction
-Mr. Potato Head Activity Pack
-Clifford's Thinking Adventures
-Toy Story Animated Storybook
-Toy Story Activity Center
-Arthur's Camping Adventure
-Arthur's Computer Adventure (Living Books)
-The Cat in the Hat (Living Books)
-Arthur's Thinking Games
-Arthur's Math Games
-Arthur's Reading Games
-Arthur's Reading Race (Living Books)
-Backyard Soccer 2004
-Little Critter: Just Me and My Dad
-Little Critter: Just Me and My Mom
-Little Critter: Just Me and My Grandpa
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Re: Which games would you like to be supported on the future?

Post by Nfsfan83 »

Ace Ventura SVGA
Jack Orlando Director's Cut SVGA
Igor Objective Uikokahonia VGA
Skaut Kwatermaster (polish game ) VGA
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Re: Which games would you like to be supported on the future?

Post by RoboSpongie »

Oh man a lot of games mainly a lot of Win 95/98 and a couple other computer games I grew up playing on this list
here's a handful and noted some what engines they're likely under (from jewel case boxes and/or in game credits, also listed on wiki before or looked up via release dates for not listed titles)


Backyard Sports series (There's already support for a couple of them hoping to play Basketball again one day)

Mohawk engine

Rugrats Adventure (listed on wiki)

Carmen Sandiego (1996 ver) (I think it's on the wiki)

Zoombinis The Logical Journey (listed on wiki)

Zoombinis Mountain Rescue (I think?)

Zoombinis Island Odyssey (I think as well?)

Macromedia Director

Fisher Price Time to Play Pet Shop (Director 8.5)

Fisher Price Time to Play Dollhouse (Director 8.5)

Fisher Price Outdoor Adventures Ranger Trail (Director 8.5)

Mia's Reading Adventure: The Search for Grandma's Remedy (Not listed on wiki but it's likely Director 7 I think)

Mia's Science Adventure: Romaine's New Hat (listed on wiki)

Mia's Math Adventure: Just in Time! (listed on wiki)

Not so sure

Fisher Price Great Adventures series (Pirate, Castle, and Wild West installers are macromedia for one of them but as for it's engine no idea)

Stupid Invaders (Didn't grew up playing this game but someone on r/REGames found a lot of info about how the video and audio works, but I have no idea about the engine)

VeggieTales: The Mystery of Veggie Island (XP childhood game released around 2002, no idea for engine though)

Tonka Construction (Win 3.x game)

Tonka Search and Rescue (Also Win 3.x)

Mr Potato Head Activity Pack (Win 3.x game)

Awesome Animated Monster Maker! Ultra Edition (It was released for Win 95/3.x)

Bonus Oddballs

Easy Bake Kitchen (can be playable without the keyboard play set)

Playskool Store (can be playable without keyboard play set)
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