Problems with 2.7.1 on Gamecube

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Problems with 2.7.1 on Gamecube

Post by Onfy »

This build is having strange problems. If you load it from an SD card in a memory card slot it complains it can't find scummvm.ini. From SP2 it sometimes can't find scummvm.ini, sometimes there's a flashing green line. If I have SD cards in my MC and SP2 then when Scummvm is on MC and not on the SP2, it successfully creates scummvm.ini on the SP2 card (not MC SD card) but can't find any engines when I try to load a game. If Scummvm is on both SD cards it exits with the error "could not init the game texture". It seems this newer version is built with a newer SDK which supports the SP2 adapter (1.5.0 couldn't, it predates the adapter) but this has caused problems with Scummvm finding its files, and when they're on both cards... I'm not sure. Is there any particular testing I should do to help fix this?

Someone else had this same problem with a buildbot build in 2021, but they posted in the help and support forum: viewtopic.php?t=16383
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Re: Problems with 2.7.1 on Gamecube

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Onfy: I did the latest build so that GC users had something newer than v1.5.0 and with a bit of fiddling i.e. reduce number of plugins and manually setup various paths in ScummVM launcher, I was able to start a few games fine.

I think your issues are partly captured by this open bug ... Will see if I can do anything to improve the WII and GC builds before v2.8.0, but suspect that it will take some time to sort out the issues so probably mileage will vary until v2.9.0git / master gets fixed up.

Code Patches and Pull Requests will be gratefully received.
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