"Save" option is gone

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"Save" option is gone

Post by Chocwise »

ScummVM got updated to 2.7.1 on both my Android devices: Phone (Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Android 13) and Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, Android 12). And on both Installations the "Save" option is missing from the Menu (see attachment).
I just got Discworld 1 and 2 and the problem appears on both games. I managed to get the games working again, giving ScummVM the permissions for my games' folders. And the savegame location is still the default value. I haven't changed it since the installation of ScummVM.
Using the game's own save feature (using the virtual keyboard, typing "1" and saving the game from the game's own menu) works just fine. But as you can see in the screenshot, the save button is missing entirely from the ScummVM in-game menu.
What went wrong? :?
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Re: "Save" option is gone

Post by Praetorian »

Could you provide some clarification if possible:
- Did this not happen with these two games prior to ScummVM 2.7.1?
- Do you have this issue with all (other) games on Android?
- Can you check on a PC, with the desktop version of ScummVM whether this happens there as well?

It's possible that an engine will only use the game's native save menus and not ScummVM GMM for saving and/or loading. This kind of looks like that, given that the following line in the code is disabled (so it defaults to false) but I'm not very familiar with the Tinsel engine (which is used for the Discworld games) to say for certain.

Disabled code part:
https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/blob ... C7-L144C32
and the default value:
https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/blob ... e.cpp#L906

If it's disabled, it's probably on purpose (to avoid possibly corrupted saved games) or never implemented.
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Re: "Save" option is gone

Post by Chocwise »

No. It didn't happen with the previous version. I don't know which version I had used before though. I haven't played Discworld for about 4 months. But the button was still there back then. 🤔

I just set up Broken Sword II, and the Save button is there. So it seems to be as you said.
However, it seems the games' own save function creates the same save files as ScummVM's save option. I can load the savegames just fine with ScummVM's own load option and the load option within the games' own menu. So I'm not sure, if this is an intended behaviour. 🤷‍♂️

I can't test it on my Ubuntu and Windows systems right now for reasons. Sorry. 😗
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Re: "Save" option is gone

Post by digitall »

This was disabled by https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/comm ... b9d01485b9

Best to ask bluegr / md5 about this on Discord...
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Re: "Save" option is gone

Post by sev »

Chocwise wrote: Fri Sep 15, 2023 1:04 pm No. It didn't happen with the previous version. I don't know which version I had used before though. I haven't played Discworld for about 4 months. But the button was still there back then. 🤔
I am not sure what made you this impression, but this feature was disabled 15 years ago. Discworld engine is one of those where you should use the in-game interface for saving. Using the ScummVM one is not going to work.

What could happen, though, is that previously, perhaps, by launching the menu, you were seeing the game engine-specific save screen and now it is only the ScummVM's game menu.

Do you see this interface?
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Re: "Save" option is gone

Post by Serious Callers Only »

That menu is unaccessible in android, or seemingly so. Just like discworld 2, it's possible to access by remapping the menu key to one of the emulated touch commands like right click -> long press (you need to click on the menu remapping then instead of clicking on a key on the onscreen keyboard that pops up, click on the upper right until you get the touch interface again and press a long keypress outside the onscreen keyboard). But then you lose the ability to look at things in the games, which actually makes these games uncompletable at some point, for puzzle reasons.

I believe you were probably intended to use the keyboard for the shortcuts.... except when you cycle the interface on the upper right the onscreen keyboard is not a possibility. You can enable it with long press, and then hunt for the specific shortcut for this game, or reset it in the remap too I guess, but I only learned of this long press thing recently.

Anyway, I dislike the official scummvm menu not having a save button even if you're 'supposed' to use the in game one, for obvious reasons. Even if it had to queue up a hack in the game engine...

Autosave doesn't work either.
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